Monday, August 22, 2011

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Friday, July 29, 2011


At an evening out with my wife last week, I was reminded of the typical mindset out in the world. "Naturopathic, that's not scientific, medical doctors - that's real science..." This was the comment that grabbed my attention. If this individual only knew, that 85% of ALL medical intervention is COMPLETELY unfound. This is reported by the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL - "...only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence..." If that's not a wake up call for you, keep reading!

Science Daily recently reported on a NEW male oral contraceptive medicine. How does it work? It down regulates Vit A receptors. Remember learning about meiosis and mitosis in high school biology? Mitosis is the process of cellular division, and so is meiosis. Meiosis is a special type of cell division needed for sexual reproduction - producing gametes (sperm and eggs for the male and female respectively). Vit A is very important for your eyes...but it is also used as a key component in cell division. So logically, stopping the receptors for Vit A makes sense. Stop the Vit A receptors, then meiosis CANNOT happen. No meiosis, no sperm. But what about mitosis??? HELLO? does anyone else see any issues here? YOU NEED VIT A!!!! WHY WOULD YOU EVER STOP THE RECEPTORS IN YOUR BODY FROM RECEIVING IT??? The very definition of a vitamin is an organic compound that is a REQUIRED nutrient by the body, that it cannot produce itself. Why then would you stop your body from getting it?

I must be missing something...but living a healthy natural lifestyle, and getting coached on how to do that - that's bad science. Taking drugs that your MD gives you - that's "good" science (even though only 15% of medical intervention is supported by science). And just so you know...over 70% of all doctors visits results in a prescription (that one's from CDC). But hey - good science.
We always get sick, because we have too many body parts, and a lack of chemical drugs in our system... ;) Now THAT'S bad science, bad logic, and the prevailing paradigm out there.
Wake up and smell the fresh veggie juice people!


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Monday, September 13, 2010

The NEW science of EPIgenetics?

It's hitting mainstream. Dr. Oz, Discover magazine, Time magazine... people are starting to talk about this "thing" called EPIgenetics. So just exactly what is it? Well, as the prefix EPI implies, it is something "on" or "above" the genome. It's a control that tells the DNA what to do and how to act. In the end, that control is YOU.

Over the years, they have been telling us that our genes make us sick... now they are finding out that our blueprint isn't the problem. It's how the blueprint is manifested. Guess what? You get to control how your blueprint comes into fruition. You can use good materials, or poor ones, get the upgrades or not.

Right now in any medical office, or health care office you go to, they go through a family history. They find out if your mom, dad, uncles/aunts and grandparents had heart disease, diabetes, cancer...why? Is it guaranteed that you will get those things if your parents have/had them? If you eat, move and think in ways that are healthy, I can assure you that you will DRASTICALLY reduce your risk of virtually EVERY and ALL chronic diseases that they have been able to place a name on. I can also tell you that after studying health for well over a decade, that what I learned and thought was healthy, wasn't and isn't necessarily so. (read our past articles)

When something is true, it stands the test of time. It is proven true, time and time again. It doesn't change. Interestingly enough, one of the developers of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer (pictured below) in his book "Palmers law of life", talked about how our ancestors before us, were no different than those of us today, and that the genetic blueprint is the same for all and designed for success. The only difference he described, was the environment. WOW.

That's what EPIgenetics is all about. Our blueprint is perfect. It's this EPIgenome that acts like a series of switches that can flip in different positions, and cause our DNA to react to our environment (how we eat, move, and think). B.J. Palmer, and his father before him, D.D. Palmer described those environmental factors with one word. STRESS. Chemical stress from how you eat and toxins in our environment, physical stress from how you are moving or NOT moving, and emotional stress from how we think.

Chiropractic is all about STRESS, and getting your body to decrease STRESS. Who doesn't need that? It was created in 1895, and B.J's book "Palmers law of life" was written in the 1930's. WOW. Now in the 21st century, medicine and health care has finally caught up with what we have been saying all along. Decrease the stress, and you increase life. So the question is, how NEW is epigenetics? It's even older than 1895... even the Palmers had to learn from somewhere...

Take home message - YOU are in complete control of your health, not your father, mother, or grandparents, or the guy/girl in the white coat that says "here, take two of these". It's YOU who gets to take action every day. It's YOU who has full control. YOU are not a victim. YOU have the ability to CHOOSE to live healthy or not. YOUR health is in YOUR hands.

You only have one body- treat it well.

Dr. R

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lets get this started

WOW~ I have to apologize, after moving from midwestern USA to southern Ontario, Canada, and then over to the West Coast, I seem to have let some things collect dust. Unfortunately, the health of my fellow man was one of them.

I made some edits to the last entry, because I realized that it was WAY TOO LONG - I will try to keep things short and sweet (by my own definition of course) - if there is one thing I have learned over the years, its that a little goes a LONG way.

The same is with health, small little changes over time accrue to sustainable massive improvements.

In review of the last post, I gave one small suggestion, and that was to try almond milk in place of dairy milk. Again, no other species (aside from the ones we have domesticated) drinks another animals milk...dairy consuming cultures are the ONLY ones with osteoporosis!!!! Wisconsin, the highest dairy producers in the US, also has the highest rate of osteoporosis.

Would it make any sense for us to drink the milk from dogs? cats? oh, I've got it, how about rats milk? What makes you think that the milk from cows is special and different from any of the three I described may be easier to farm cow milk, but doesn't mean its good for you.


Dr. R

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dairy and Grains: PART 1 Milk, it does a body "not so" good???

Last time around, we learned that we are not a victim of our genes (less than 2.5% of diseases are genetic 2), that we are in full control of our health, and that humans are programmed for health. How, we eat, move and think has a direct effect on how we manifest health and wellness. 75% of deaths today are caused by diseases of lifestyle4 (how we eat, move and think).

This entry is specifically about how particular facets (DAIRY in specific) in nutrition play a role in our health and wellness.

“A truths initial emotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James

"Milk, does a body good." The catch phrase has been marketed so well, it's second nature to think, milk = strong bones. Does it? When we think of milk, we think calcium. We associate calcium with strong bones. Marketing and advertising has one goal: to anchor pleasure/benefit to their product. Dairy marketing has been VERY effective.

Our bodies are meant to maintain homeostasis (balance). One of the ways it regulates balance is through pH. Our bodies make sure we don't get too acidic, or too alkaline...we go up, we go down, but average out right to where we need to be. When we drink milk, an acidic environment is created in the blood. Our bodies are smart, and try to neutralize the situation by bringing in some alkaline materials. Unfortunately, these alkaline materials are leached from our bones, in the form of calcium. Most people know that calcium is needed for strong bones. If we continually do this, drink milk, and leach calcium from our bones...we get brittle bones.
Drinking milk actually yields osteoporosis, the exact opposite of what we have been led to believe it does!!! In addition to this, the pasteurization process that is used to kill off bad bacteria, destroy the enzymes we would use from the milk to absorb the calcium (and various other things).
Some questions to consider: What other animal drinks the milk from another animal? None. What other animal suffers with osteoporosis? None...aside from the ones we domesticate!

Dairy and grains are not a constituent of what our blueprint calls for. "World-wide, the adoption of this diet (high amounts of dairy and grains) has been accompanied by a major increase in coronary heart disease, stroke, various cancers, diabetes and other chronic diseases."8

"Wellness nutrition is NOT about diagnosing each individual nutrient deficiency or nutrient deficiency related disease or condition. Wellness nutrition is NOT trying to treat diseases or conditions with nutrients, herbs, tonics, potions, or lotions."1 Its simply giving our bodies what they need...fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, lean game and fish.

A good replacement for dairy milk is almond milk. If you can't do with out milk, 'fresh' milk is best (thats not the kind you buy at the grocery store which is pasteurized), and goat's milk is better than cow's milk, because they are TYPICALLY more free range.
The rule we follow is, add in positives...over time, the negatives will just fall off!

yours in wellness,


"Let thy food by thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food" Hippocrates


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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where did you get those Genes?

Are those genes Parasuco, or Wrangler? Did you get them from your mom or dad? Today we are led to believe that we are a victim of our genes which are passed down from our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents…you get the idea.

We are told that obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer are genetic. How is it that all these diseases have drastically increased over the last 100, 50, even 20 years, when our genes have not changed in over 40,000 years?

In fact, “DNA evidence shows that genetically, humans have hardly changed at all (to be specific, the human genome has changed less than 0.02% in 40,000 years.)” 1

How is it that only 35% of the women with the breast cancer ‘gene’ get cancer? Why don’t the other 65% percent with the ‘gene’ for breast cancer get it?

“Every year for the last 50 years, there have been more medical doctors, more nurses, more drugs, more hospitals, and more money spent per person in North America and most other industrialized nations yet every year the rates of chronic sickness and preventable death increase!4

The question needed to be asked is, are we programmed for health, or sickness? If you are an evolutionist, how does it make sense that we would pass on bad genes? Didn’t Darwin argue survival of the fittest, that we only pass on the strong genes? If you’re a creationist, how does it make sense that God would program you for sickness? Whether you follow science or religion, they both agree that we are programmed for health. If we are programmed for health, then why are we so sick? If it’s not our genes, then what is it? 2,3

If we compare a chimpanzee in the wild, to one in captivity, which one is healthier? It’s an obvious answer, the one in the wild. Do they have different genes? No. Which animal species is the sickest? This answer sometimes comes as a shock, it’s the human species. The only other animals that are as sick as us, are the ones we have domesticated, or put in captivity. Are there any humans still out in the wild? The answer is yes. 2,3

Modern day hunter gatherers, one’s that mimic the lives of our ancestors do not suffer with the chronic diseases that we have, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. 6 75% of all deaths in western nations are caused by chronic disease, or diseases of civilization.5

Humans in industrialized nations are not living to our potential. “One hundred and twenty-five years of activity and vitality should be the attainable goal for mankind. All other mammals live for five times the number of years it takes them to reach maturity. Man reaches his skeletal maturity about the age of twenty-six. This indicates one hundred years of PRODUCTIVE life as a reasonable goal for all of us.” 7

Do we have different genes than our hunter gatherer counter parts? NO!!! So then? What is the difference? The answer is environment. They eat, move, and think in ways completely different than we do. The things that get passed on most by families are tendencies. You eat the same, move the same and think the same as your parents. We mimic their lifestyle. So if they ate, moved and thought, in patterns that expressed heart disease for example, then you are likely to do the same, and attain heart disease…unless you change your lifestyle! Keep posted for what we require in terms of nutrition, exercise, and thought patterns in order to manifest wellness.

Yours in Wellness,
Dr. Adrian


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

What does living Innately mean?

What do our bodies need in order to optimally fucntion and manifest 100% health?

To start, lets define our terms. defines living as follows:
liv-ing. –verb
from the noun LIFE:
the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

It defines innately as:
in·nate'ly - adverb
from the adjective INNATE:
Possessed at birth; inborn.
Possessed as an essential characteristic; inherent.
Of or produced by the mind rather than learned through experience: an innate knowledge of right and wrong.

Putting it all together, LIVING INNATELY would mean the act of life in a manner that is inherent to our bodies, and congruent with what our bodies have an inborn need for.

When it comes to being well, and having our bodies function at their optimal level, there are certain things we need to give our body in order for it to manifest health and function at 100%.

In order to be well, we have to be pure and sufficient in the way we eat, move and think. Unfortunately, our lifestyles today are toxic and deficient in these three main categories.

We have strayed so far from what our bodies innately require, and it is taking it's toll on us and society, evident in our continual rise of chronic dis-ease. Our bodies express a natural physiological proccess of life, and must adapt to our stressfull environment (deficiencies and toxicities in the way we eat, move and think) ultimately manifesting in dis-eases of lifestyle (diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, etc).

If we could give our bodies what they need, if we could get back to LIVING INNATELY, we would have full control of health, and the way we manifest wellness.

I welcome you to Living Innately. This blog is about empowerment. The information you receive will empower you to live a life of wellness. I look forward to working with you!

yours in wellness

Dr. Adrian


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